The Goodtimes Chorus works hard at our mission of entertaining our neighbors with barbershop harmony. We always have need for talented folks. You could help us by running our sound system, working with us on choreography, by collecting tickets, helping us mail flyers or in many other ways.

As well, the chorus is a non-profit organization. As with many things in life, the tools needed to bring great harmony to the world cost money. From time to time some of our friends want to assist us with this endeavor. We would welcome your contribution. You can contact any member of the chorus or any of the contact points listed on this web site. You can direct any contribution for a specific purpose if you wish.

Buy the sheet music rights for one new song
Buy Goodtimes Chorus shirts for 2-4 new members
Send a high school quartet to Harmony Explosion camp

Buy the tuxedo for a new member

Buy a riser back rail
Buy a riser 4th row

Buy a new riser section
Send a music teacher to a week long school to teach them about a cappella singing

Buy a new sound system

$3,000 and up
Underwrite our annual show
Buy an acoustic shell for singing outdoors or in noisy locations

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